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Weeks v. 735 Putnam Pike Operations, LLC, 85 A.3d 1147 (2014)


Rose v. Shaw, 811 A.2d 1211 (2002)


Jewell v. Jewell, 751 A.2d 735 (2000)


State Ex Rel. Town of South Kingstown v. Reilly, 745 A.2d 745 (2000)


Broccoli v. Broccoli, 710 A.2d 669 (1998)


Porter v. Porter, 684 A.2d 259 (1996)


Rhode Island Supreme Court Decisions
Federal District Court

Matias v. AMEX, Inc., 10-080S, Opinion and Order, March 4, 2013


Gorres v. The University of Rhode Island, 04-319T,

Report and Rcommendation, February 3, 2006.

Client Comments

"I always had the fear that starting a new life would be halted because of the dangerous situation I left.  You have allowed me to breath for the first time in 6 years.  Through all this time, you were supportive and patient and diligent in your duties.  Your high standard of professionalism, compassion for my situation and diligence when the other attorneys didn't care made all the difference."

Real Estate Partition Client (2015)


"My sincere thanks for your assistance and partnership thus far.  You were a miracle for me, and I am still shocked at where we have ended up.  Life isn’t ever perfect, but you got me as close to a perfect outcome as I could have hoped for.  I always felt that you had my back, and your logic and down to Earth nature made this ordeal – well – less of an ordeal."

LGBT Employment Discrimination Client (2016)

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