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          I have been practicing law for more than 20 years in Massachusetts and Rhode Island state and federal courts. In my practice, I have represented men and women in a wide range of fields including family law (divorce, visitation, child support), employment law (discrimination and harassment), personal injury, wrongful death, business disputes, land disputes, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.  I have taken cases through negotiated settlements, mediated settlements, arbitration awards and trial conclusion, both jury and judge, and through the appeal process to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.


          My focus is on the needs of the individual client:  Individual attention for the individual needs.  The legal path utilized is different for each case and the needs and interests of each individual.  I have the experience and knowledge to help you bring your case to a resolution that makes sense for you.  With this focus on the particular needs of the client, communication is of the highest priority.  I attend to all client contact personally and maintain as best as can be achieved a policy of return contact with clients within 24 hours and usually the same day.


         Having practiced in a wide range of legal areas for more than two decades, I have seen the effect that exposure to the court system can have on the client.  The conflict that is a part of modern litigation has a negative impact on most individuals involved in the process.  This effect varies depending on the issues and interests that the parties are attempting to resolve.  Over the years, I have trended toward a collaborative application of the litigation model that is the standard format in our court systems.  Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution are invaluable in attempting to preserve relationships and non-economic interests that are stressed by litigation.  The blending of the litigation tools with a collaborative approach allows for tailoring the process of each case to the specific needs of each client.




    I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. I received my Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1992.  I am admitted to practice law in both the state and federal courts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and I have practiced extensively in the family court, district court, superior court of both states as well as the Rhode Island Supreme Court and appellate courts in Massachusetts. 



          Having seen the benefits of mediation from a  client's perspective, I have received my certification as a mediator and I am employing the abilities and principles that I have developed as a litigator from a different perspective to assist parties to reach a unified resolution.  My goal in mediation is to allow the parties to recognize the totality of their interests and communicate these interests with their counterpart to help each party explore options that make sense for each party as well as the joint interests that the parties share.  


          Such a resolution preserves the relationships that the parties have and facilitates the communication necessary to allow the parties to move forward in resolving their dispute.  Joint resolutions through this process afford the parties a greater control of their interests, a greater investment in compliance with the resolution and a framework to employ in future conflicts.


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